Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Eclectic Lethargy

Its undeniable that some of the true greats from throughout history are people who gave themselves - body and soul - to their passion, and indeed it will be these types of people who will be remembered from out time.
Beethoven and Trent Reznor with music. People who study the art of making film in the finest detail like Hitchcock. The guys who created Halo 2 (who made it into the Time 100 Most important People list) who were working 18 hour days for a lot of the last three months. People like Bret Hart, who (and some might consider it to be a low-brow form of entertainment) was a wrestler, was born into wrestling and gave the majority of his life to being a wrestler. Presidential Candidates giving up months/years of their lives - and money - just for people to invariably talk about what a shitty job they did.
These people are utterly dedicated to the one facet of their lives they have decided they are best at / enjoy the most / are the most likely to excel in, and they dedicate themselves to suceeding.

Well done to them I say.
Boring Bastards!

Yeah sure, I don't know any of the people I have listed as examples above and some of my comments may be somewhat ignorant (what the heck do I know about Beethoven?) as I don't know what these people do in their leisure time, but if you stop examaning the detail you may even see the bigger picture, which now follows.

I couldn't do what these people and others do, dedicate my life solely to one interest. Before I die, I want to have done a little of everything I love. I want at least one comic published, maybe even a book. I would like to be involved in a movie at some point, acting / directing / creative consultant. Maybe help write a song (although I cannot sing or play instruemnts for shit). An action figure based on me would be sweet. Maybe dabble in politics for a while. Have a wrestling match in MSG, NY. Travel a lot.

I wish I could dedicate my all to one interest, maybe then I could suceed, make some real money and buy that car I've always wanted. But I'm sorry I can't. I would much rather enjoy this life, experiencing a little chunk of each of my somewhat eclectic interests.

I really can't remember whose quote this is, fairly sure it was an important American, I seem to think politician or actor (or both!?!, the Line Begins to Blur), but the spirit is more important than the specifics.
When asked what he would do different if he could go back and re-live his life, he said: "I would take ten minutes out for myself. To look around."

Well excuse me for a while. I'm going to take a look around.

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Pete said...

I agree with you. Fair play to people who have given their life to one thing and made themselves successful in that field but that's not me.

Like you I have many interests and want to experience different things in each. There are so many different things to do in this world of ours and it seems a shame to only experience of them.

While I wouldn't say I have a great talent in any of my interests I would certainly give my all to get the most out of them.

I work in IT at the minute, its not something I'm going to do for the rest of my life but its interesting enough to keep me occupied while I look for what I want to do next. Who knows, maybe one day I will find the one thing that takes up my time and is my one passion, for now though I'm happy trying different things and making the most of each one.