Tuesday, July 26, 2005

No friends, no family, quite literally; on his Todd.

Looks like the sequential reprints of Spawn have already hit a stumbling block. Don't expect to see issues 9 and 10 in the collection.

Issue 9 was written by Neil Gaiman, and within the pages he created Medieval Spawn and Angela. He has since had to sue Todd McFarlane to retain copyright to characters he created, despite Image being created to give more creative rights to the writers, artists and inkers. Todd lost.

Issue 10 was written by Dave Sim, apparently he has consented to the issues reprint, but it still looks like it will still be ommited from the final printing.

So the best two issues from the entire series arn't to be included. Ah.

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Pete said...

Its a shame that those two issues won't be in the trades but at the same time pretty funny. Its the typical thing you expect with Todd. Oh well, at least he still has his baseball ;)