Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Where have we been?

Crikey, two months can pass pretty quickly these days.

I'm trying to figure out the future direction of this site, in the last few months it started to feel a bit arbitrary. I know what I don't want the site to be. I don't want the site to be a comic-book news site, I don't want it to become a review site, I don't want it to be solely a soap-box site and I don't want it to become a glorified advert for stuff I sell in store.
There are hundreds of comic blogs out there which are called blogs, but could just as easily be entrys on a comic forum.

So, while I ponder the future of www.acrossthecounter.co.uk, I leave you with a comic strip of Scott Pilgrim that you probably wouldn't have found otherwise.

(Click to enlarge obviously, if any one of you leaves a comment saying it was too small to read, then may Matt Fraction turn up at your house and rewrite all the dialogue in your favourite comics in his recently acquired - yet already tired - faux-Ellis style)

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Ryan said...

Two months does go quick, nearly done with my first semester of Uni, haven't actually spoken to you in about three months now, each time I'm back I'm generally come in on the Friday to pick stuff up so I keep missing you.

Stoked about the Preacher news, as wary as I am about Mark Stephen Johnson I'll wait till be here more. I mean look at Peter Jacksons stuff before LOTR, or even Sam Raimi's Evil Dead, nothing about them qualified him to direct good Spiderman movies.

Guess I'll see you in about 3 weeks, I'll need to pickup about 5-6 weeks of comics then. That's going to make a good Christmas holiday reading stack.