Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Stuff I Buy Week 2

AUG050003 PREVIEWS VOL XV #10 PI - I don't actually buy this, and neither should you. Every good comic shop should have a copy of this to hand for you, the consumer to order from. It contains everything that will be coming out on a respective month. Diamond Comics recently changed there comic ordering policy and it is now more important than ever to pre-order those rare, quirky indie books.

JUL050028 REVELATIONS #2 (OF 6) $2.99 - I am waiting for all six issues before I read this. Looks a little Da Vinci Code influenced. I love Jenkins writing and I am a big fan of Ramos work (although I feel his best work is behind him now). Check out Crimson and Impulse for his awesome early work. And his four issue collaboration with Jenkins in Spider-man (Vol. 2 #44-47 I think?).

JUL050212 ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #644 $2.50 - Because its core Superman. I have really enjoyed Rucka's run, there have been quite a few duff issues, but the OMAC tie-ins more than compensate.

JUL050280 AUTHORITY THE MAGNIFICIENT KEVIN #2 (OF 5) (MR) $2.99 - Started as a joke this, now it sells better than the main Authority title. Good old fashioned Ennis fun. Waiting for the set before I read it, but if the last two examples are naything to go by, this will be really great and silly.

JUL050190 BATMAN #645 $2.50 - Core Batman, the only Bats book I don't buy is LOTDK, which is out of continuity. This book has been interesting lately, what with Jason Todd running around again. Better than Detective and Gotham Knights.

JUL050198 BATMAN JOURNEY INTO KNIGHT #2 (OF 12) $2.50 - Was going to get this, but refused to as it has Pat Lee covers, and I hate Pat Lee. Not just because of the whole Dreamwave thing, but because the guy cannot draw.

JUL050224 FLASH #226 $2.50 - Not Geoff Johns, so the new writer has a lot of work to do to make me like this. Will give it a chance though.

JUL050233 JACK CROSS #2 $2.50 - Its Ellis, its monthly, its Jack Bauer free of the 24 "real-time" constrictions. I'm there.

JUL050235 JLA #119 $2.50 - Honestly, important stuff happens in this book but it comes across as emotionally stunted. I think its the curse of two writers on the same title, they hit all the cliff notes, but with no real character emotion. Art feels a little dated too.

JUL050237 JLA CLASSIFIED #12 $2.99 - Its Ellis, but its characters written out of character. Fun in a throw away kind of way, which I think is how its intended. Part of Ellis' DC / Wildstorm dealings was that they got one honest to god superhero book, this is it. Just written to fulfill contractual obligations methinks.
JUL050240 LEGION OF SUPER HEROES #10 $2.99 - Recently stopped buying this book when I realised I didnt give a shit about any of the characters. If I wasn't reading so many titles already I would keep it going, as it is, it had to go.

JUL050307 NEIL GAIMANS NEVERWHERE #4 (OF 9) (MR) $2.99 - Waiting for the trade.

JUL050246 OMAC PROJECT #6 (OF 6) $2.50 - Really enjoyed this title for the most part. Its a bit like the second Matrix film this: okay as it is, but will be made or broken depending on the sequal, the follow-up of course being Infinte Crisis.

JUN050348 SUPERMAN BATMAN #22 (RES) $2.99 - Boring me a bit this, there have been very few issues overall that I could say I have loved. Will keep it going though.

JUL050214 SUPERMAN BIRTHRIGHT TP $19.99 - I actually quite enjoyed this series, take it with a pinch of salt. A nice transition book to bring fans of Smallville to Superman. For my money though, people should stick with Brynes Man of Steel mini.

JUN051755 INDIGO VERTIGO ONE SHOT $4.99 - Dan Schaffers latest offering, teaming up with that mentalist from Queen Adreena. Dogwitch is great, so this should be good.

JUN051789 INVINCIBLE #26 $2.99 - Awesome, but you've all heard that already.

JUL051663 SEA OF RED VOL 1 NO GRAVE BUT THE SEA TP (MR) (O/A) $8.95 - This has been getting similar write-ups to Invincible and Walking Dead, so I thought I'd give it a looksee.

UL051864 AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #524 $2.50 - One of my favourite writers JMS on my favourite characters core book. I hope he stays writing this for a loooooooong time.

JUL051875 DAREDEVIL #77 $2.99 - I hate to see Bendis go. And Maleev. Note to Brubaker: Big shoes to fill, huge.

JUL051893 FANTASTIC FOUR #531 $2.99 - JMS on F4, sounds good, but not as good as Waids run. Artwork hasn't been as good as expected from McKone. Give the book time though, its certainly not bad.

JUN052030 GIANT SIZE X-MEN #4 $4.99 - Poo really, I will read it in store and probably leave it there.

JUL051927 LAST HERO STANDING TP $13.99 - Already have the singles so I won't be buying this, but fans of 80's Marvel should. Its so old school its untrue.

JUL051876 NEW AVENGERS #11 $2.50 - Yes, great, love it. but 3 issues in 4 weeks mean my store is going to have a lot of leftover issues from the Sentry story arc.

JUL051877 SENTRY #1 (OF 8) $2.99 - Speak of the Void. Market saturation already? Methinks so. JRJRs artowrk will help shift this one though.

JUL051845 SPIDER-MAN HOUSE OF M #4 (OF 5) $2.99 - Wow, getting so bored of House of M.

JUL051857 ULTIMATE IRON MAN #4 (OF 5) $2.99 - Really enjoying this but the lengthy wait between issues is really breaking the flow. Will re-read in tpb.

JUL051856 ULTIMATE SECRET #3 (OF 4) (RES) $2.99 - As above, but with added Ellis.

JUL051861 ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #83 $2.50 - It shocks me how much I am enjoying this book again, I thought it got really dull around the whole Venom saga / Carnage / death of Gwen, but I have really got back into it. I can't wait to see Bendis and Bagley break Stan Lees record, it will be interesting to see if they can beat Cerebus' run.

JUL051846 WOLVERINE #33 $2.50 - And here's me thinking that Wolvie #32 only shipped last week with two covers? Thats $7.50 on Wolverine alone in two weeks!?! Expect sales to drop with Millar gone, especially with that House of M thing bogging this book down.

AUG052578 WIZARD COMICS MAGAZINE SPIDER-MAN 3 CVR #169 $5.99 - As always.
No indie books at all for me this week, it makes me look like a proper Marvel / DC fanboy. Oh well, heres a recomendation from a few weeks ago: Ait/Planetlars Full Moon Fever. Its werewolves; on the moon.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Bible Max, no added sugar, the text for a new generation.
I thought this was piss your pants funny, mixed with a little sadness.

Coming soon: The Old Man and the Pond by Ernie H'way, and Watchmen: 12 page edition (no appendix).

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Stuff I Buy

Every week for the next month I am going to post a full list of comics and stuff I buy.

Okay, bear in mind I work in a comic store, so its very hard not to get caught up and buy tons of stuff. I read roughly 70 comics a month, not including GN's. I consider it to be part of my job. Not just the big two, but everything which sounds good. (Ait/Planetlar, Oni, Top Shelf - whoever).

Yes, I know I buy obscene amounts, but I am in a position to buy at wholesale, and then swap back to the store if I don't like a series, so its a bit non-risk for me. All the following I buy for my personal collection, if I dump a series, I tend to get rid of all the issues I havn't enjoyed. Like Robin 101-120, which were for the most part, fucking shit.

JUL050194 BATGIRL #68 $2.50 - Not read for 6 issues, could be up for the chop.

JUL050192 BATMAN GOTHAM KNIGHTS #69 $2.50 - not read for 5 issues. Not that I don't like it, just havn't found the time.

JUL050220 BIRDS OF PREY #86 $2.50 - not read for nine issues, I do want to catch up though.

JUL050221 DAY OF VENGEANCE #6 (OF 6) $2.50 - great series, out of the four Countdown miniseries, this is the one I wasn't looking forward to, yet it is my second favourite behind OMAC Project.

JUL050227 GREEN LANTERN CORPS RECHARGE #1 (OF 6) $3.50 - Still not sure on this, I have not been a fan of Rann / Than war, but I do love Kyle Rayner (someone has too, he used to listen to NIN and Greenday years ago damnit)

JUL050299 HELLBLAZER #212 (MR) $2.75 - not read for ages, but when my girlfriend buys the tpbs I read them. Something about Hellblazer works better in chunks. Too far gone on the series to cancel though.

JUN050351 IDENTITY CRISIS HC DIRECT MARKET VERSION $24.99 - Because I am a sucker for a pretty package, and this way I can lend it out to my peeps, as I refuse to lend out single issues as they always come back damaged.

JUL050239 JSA CLASSIFIED #3 $2.50 - Still not sure about this, its well written but for some reason I keep expecting Power Girl to blow Supes (I think I have read Pro to often, especially with the plane crash scene in issue 2). Might as well wrap us this story.

JUL050196 ROBIN #142 $2.50 - Bill Willingham is great, Scott McDaniel is great, Tim Drake is great.

JUL050209 SUPERGIRL #2 $2.99 - I was nicely surpised by the first issue. I do try and avoid the Turner covers where possible though. See how it goes, it ties into the Superman family so I will keep it going.

JUL051654 GIRLS #5 (MR) $2.99 - The Luna Bros. kick ass, I hope they manage to keep their integrity as creators when they work for Marvel. This series hasn't been as good as Ultra though - to be honest.

JUL051870 BLACK PANTHER #8 $2.99 - Its hyped as being a big deal tie-in to X-Men so I thought I would check it out. If it sucks it sucks. The first four issues diodn't grab me and I canned the series, not because it sucked, but because I get SOOOO much stuff, I am very picky when it comes to picking new series.

JUN051979 CAPTAIN AMERICA #10 $2.99 - This series has been really good, but I am sick of House of M tie-ins.

JUL051874 DAREDEVIL FATHER #3 (OF 5) $2.99 - I hate the art, I think it is a joke. Methinks Joe Q has been reading DKR an awful lot. I am not a particularly big fan of the story so far, the idea that MM used to get beaten by his Dad sucks, I always liked the fact that his Dad did the best he could and told him to study and not be a worhtless bum like he was.

JUL051854 EXILES #70 $2.99 - not read it since issue 49. When the hell am I going to ctach up?

JUN052008 NEW AVENGERS #10 $2.50 - Lovely series, and one of the few books I get where I think the variants are a nice idea, showing the covers as old-school Sentry comics.

JUL051898 RUNAWAYS #8 $2.99 - Waiting until I have a good chunk of this run before I read it like I did with series 1, it reads so much better that way.

JUL051939 SPIDER-MAN THE OTHER POSTER $5.99 - Looked a bit classy, I don't usually bother with posters.

JUL051909 SUPREME POWER HYPERION #1 (OF 5) (MR) $2.99 - JMS writes, I buy.

JUL051855 ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR #23 $2.50 - This has been surpisingly good.

JUN051987 ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL #1 $3.99 - No idea, could go either way, but the other Annuals have all been good.

JUL051858 ULTIMATES 2 #8 $2.99 - I love this series, it is evrything I look for in a comic.

JUL051873 WOLVERINE #32 $2.50 - Fantastic issue, the best in Millars run by far, and deicated to Eisner too.

MAY052439 LENORE #12 $2.95 - No longer ships to the UK, which is a real bummer, to be fair, its not been great since issue 8 (which was what? 3 Years ago), but I still check it out.

JUL053572 MALLRATS TP $14.95 - Eeh, might be worth a read, not really sure what it is mind you.

JUN053551 TRANSFORMERS BINALTECH & TF COLL COMP GD $55.99 - Because I am a bigger TF fan than comic fan. I wouldnt have gotten into comics without the Transformers Marvel UK series. And Binaltech toys are sooooooooooooo sweet.

Tom Spockley...when?

This week, DC are running a Will Eisner sale. Anyone who knows a retailer who doesn't carry Eisner, this is your chance to tell them to. At the very least, check out A Contract with God, the first ever Graphic Novel.


The Bone video game is out this week, check out Vitriol Gamer's blog, the link is also in the sidebar.


Decembers offerings from DC have been posted on CBR. Nothing new to jump out and grab me, but considering the quality of their current monthly stuff this is a good thing, as people can only buy so many comics a month and its Christmas. However, I heard great things about this book and never got around to reading it as monthlies:

Written by Grant Morrison
Art and new cover by Philip Bond
From the fertile mind and nimble fingers of writer Grant Morrison and artist Philip Bond comes the latest in multiculturalist spectacle! Color, song and cosmic violence collide in VIMANARAMA, collecting the 3-issue Vertigo miniseries that fuses East and West together into a transcendental delight of romance and danger.
Feel the Earth tremble as 19-year-old grocer's son Ali and his beautiful arranged bride Sofia accidentally unleash an ancient race of unimaginable evil from beneath Bradford, England, then summon the equally powerful Prince Ben Rama and his Ultrahadeen to do battle against them. Shudder as Ben Rama reveals his love for Sofia, the reincarnation of his immortal soul mate, only to lose all his power at her hesitation. And thrill to the final battle between good and evil, played out over the ancient land of Atlantis together with the consummation of the ultimate end-of-the-world love story. All this and more awaits you in VIMANARAMA, the best of all worlds!


People are all talking about the sequal to Batman Begins: does anyone else think Joker should be played by Marilyn Manson. If he is serious about a future acting career then I think he would be perfect. I know people will say "he'll just play himself", but isn't that what Nicholson did?


Saw this advert for Sky + today, just another reminder why I no longer watch TV.
I mean, really. Is TV that important to people's live's that Sky+ could revolutionise it?


In the last week I have watched series 4 of 24 and started Series 5 of Angel. 24 had an Indredible Hulk ending and Angel got turned into a puppet for an episode. DVDs rule, its like TV but not toss.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Radio killed the comic book star.

Or helped promote his book.

Comic radio. Ooh, I am geeking out.

Thier guests have included Stan Lee, Joe Q, Bendis, Mahfood, Brubaker, Kevin Smith and a gazillion others.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Two very talented artists.

A few people have expressed interest in my comic work (not publishers or anything, just peeps), and while I have no finished product to show you - and reams of script would just be dull - I have shanghaied some artwork from two of my friends whose work I really admire.

The first one is by a guy called Matt Boyce, he has been studying artwork for years both foreign and domestic and is steadily cultivating his own style, a blend of mainstream/animation/indy/european/ashleytemplewoodsmith ( a style which I like to call proto-ART-prog...bwah hah hah).

Anyway, he is a great guy and lots of fun to work with as he has crazy assed ideas.

Mat Boyces blog: I am the Monkey God I will bite your eyes!

The second artist I really like is Stuart Cattell, I think he has all the skills it takes to make it in the mainstream comic world (Marvel and DC), except the time to draw and someone paying him to do so.
This is page 3 of a comic we created called Dates for Capes, about a Superhero dating agency, it follows our protagonist who fights crime whilst searching for a date. Its quirky, campy and doesn't take itself too seriously. This unlettered, uncoloured page highlights an oh-so-brief battle between our hero, and two villains called Loan Shark and City Hall. (I'm sure you can figure out which is which).

Stuart doesn't have any website, until he finishs drawing this issue. When he does (and not a minute before), I will get a website up and running showcasing the entire first issue of Dates For Capes, and his other artwork.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

It's Blog, it's Blog, It's big - its heavy - its wood, its blog, blog, its better than bad its good.


I've been on holiday, tremendously busy at the shop, not updated the blog for those reasons. No Glyn for 2 weeks. Rejoice. All you customers Glyn drove away - come back into the light, I will save you.

So, reading the always interesting Rich Johnstons Lying in the Gutters column and came across the following image.

Amazing, this image is going to be considered controversial when all it is is two women kissing. In other country's they have comics about full-on sexual relationships - both hetero and homo, in the US they are sure to get in a tiz-woz about 2 women kissing, they did it on Star Trek and it offended nuff-people.
But will it be banned?

This was:

The above is taken from the then best selling Gen 13 ongoing. Issue 5 to be exact. Gen 13 was the first comic I ever had on Standing Order all those years ago (and yes, I still miss it, especially those Ellis annuals - they were ace).

The powers that be at Image (then publisher of all things Wildstorm) felt the need to change the image so as not to offend the oft-sensitive American public. Looking at the issue now, I cannot see a Comicode approval stamp anywhere on the cover so it couldn't have been done to appease them.
Anyway, it was changed to this:

Oh, what a weird industry this is, anyway, it will be interesting to see if 10 years has made any difference to the acceptance of (shock horror!) gay imagery.
Probably not: Republicans will be offended, straight people will be threatened, gay people will think its a cheap sales tactic, and 15 year old boys will buy it.

Meanwhile, Strangers in Paradise will carry on doing clever intelligent stories about mixed / same gender relationships inside it's pages, but as its not all over the covers people won't mind.
After all, it's not like people who take offence at this type of thing think to check the content of anything. Just the packaging.

Maybe because the literacy rate is so low in the US, it's easier to just look at covers and shout your disgust at this affront to a god-fearing populace.