Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Letter of the Blog

I recieved the following e-mail today. its nice to get stuff like this now and then, kind of makes running the old comic shop worthwhile, god knows the money doesn't.


Alright mate, my names (deleted for obvious reasons). I came by the shop a few days ago and purchased "Batman: Dark Victory" and "War Games Act 2" and we discussed my poor choice of company to receive my monthlies from (Forbidden Planet)? Anyways just wanted to let you know I have cancelled my subscription with them (and I'm glad I did, they were very rude about it) and I would like to order my monthly titles from you instead. I would be happy to come into the store to pick up the issues as I plan on buying graphic novels pretty much every week anyway.

The list I would like to have kept aside is below; let me know if there are any problems etc:

(Deleted as its really not important, but all good stuff!)

I'll probably have more to add over time, but if you could start saving these for me from the June issues I would really appreciate it. Forbidden planet were always several months behind, so it was a bit of a nightmare to follow the stories.

Btw I just wanted to say I think your shop is fantastic! Excellent selection and very friendly staff (oh and good music, you can’t beat the police!). I’ve never been to a comic shop before without being watched like I’m about to steal something. It’s always a pleasure to come into your shop and discuss Batman etc with you. Your knowledge on the subject is so impressive. If you ever need any new employees, full or part time work, do let me know, as I would fly over like a shot for an interview and be willing to work for pennies. I have worked in many shops before (in fact right now I work at terrible tesco) but never a store where I would actually be able to discuss the items with confidence and interest (I stack fizzy drinks at the mo, there really isn’t much you can discuss on that ).

Anyways mate, let me know about the orders and price lists etc and thanks for reading,


And how cool is that? the strange thing is, where he said "your knowledge on the subject is so impressive" he is actually talking about Glyn, the intellectually moribund owner of the store.

What I want to know is why is his FP store several months behind? They should recieve the comics on the Thursday following the American release.

The other cool thing that happened this week was that my store got a mention on Warren Ellis' Bad signal mass email. Is my hard work finally starting to pay off?

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