Monday, October 09, 2006

Return to Oz

Most of this weeks comic reading time has been spent re-reading Preacher. This has always been one of my all time favourite titles, and re-reading it has been an excellent experience as I have noticed so many new things about it. I have changed so much as a person since the last time I read it, it almost reads like a different book in places. Whether it's reading the Bill Hicks tribute which was completely lost on me the first time round, or learning how to read "arse-speak" so I can tell what Arseface is singing (Wonderwall by Oasis incidentally, then later Breakfast at Tiffanys), the book has kept me just as interested - if not even more so - than when I was reading it in monthlies all 5-6 years ago.

So I figured, if I've had this much fun revisiting an old favourite, why not do it with more. Here's how my list is looking.

Grant Morrisons New X-Men - to call it anything less wouldn't do it justice. I wasn't a fan of this when it was coming out, but I have a feeling I am really going to like it second time through as I am less bothered about "what X-Men should be" and more interested in reading a good story.

Transmetroplitan - Because I have only read it the once, shockingly.

Sandman - The new Absolute edition is just around the corner and re-coloured. I don't think I ever finished this series first run through so they'll be some new stuff for me too.

Ennis' Hellblazer - The definitive Contantine to my mind, and Ennis at his absolute finest. Even better than Preacher, but not as accessable to the new reader.

Y The Last Man - only five issues left. When I have the entire run, time to do it all.

Fables - About time I returned to Fables Town, probably the first four Tpbs or so.

Dark Knight Returns - See if I have warmed to it yet, I've never been overly impressed with this groundbreaking series.

Batman No Mans Land - The Tpb exorcised the gumph from this epic series, boiling it down to the essential storylines.

Bendis' Daredevil - Because it was just so, so good.

We3 - Stupid amounts of fun.

So there we have it, what about you people - what have you been meaning to go back to and re-read?


Ryan said...

I'm reading it weekly, but I still think I miss a lot week to week, I mean we often go weeks without touching on that characters story line again. So once it's all over I plan on reading it all again. So I can spot all the clues threaded through it as well

I'm always in a state of rereading that.

I wouldn't mind reading and refreshing my memory before the new digest.

Ryan said...

Thinking of buying the Secret Wars trade to read back on the train tomoz (so I guess I'll be picking up issues sometime on friday). The 1980's one, that's the original right?
Is it worth a read?

Sid said...

It is , but it is a big gay (I mean happy) super-hero action romp. If you love the concept of all the Marvel villains and heroes on an alien planet lumping piss out of each other, you'll enjoy SW.
It's better than the oh-so-clever Bendis one which tried too hard to be current and edgy.

Ryan said...

Flicked through it in the shop, looks interesting, but nothing that great, I think the only reason I'm interested was because of the Black Spidey costume. I found the page where it happened, it really didn't sell me on buying the the whole thing.

So I bought American Psycho instead. I want to read some new comics, but I can pick them up tommorrow hopefully from the shop. 3 weeks of 52 to catch up on

Ace said...

I've not thought about going back and re-reading. But if anything, it would have to be Cable & Deadpool. Mainly because I love the art from the first artist (can't remember his name, damnit...) and Fabian's quips and triade's from the first arc had me in stitches. I also love how the two protagonist's relationship has changed and matured (well, on Cable's side, maybe), and would love to see it changing all in one sitting.

I think also the "Up, Up and Away" arc from Action/Superman. The first One Year Later arc.

addison said...

I still re-read the Sword of Azrael mini from time to time. Not really one of the best stories ever told, but it reminds me of how solid Denny O'Neil is when it comes to structuring and pacing his stories.

Watchmen never gets old for me, there's always something new I see. Same thing goes for "The Kindly Ones",the Sandman arc where Dream dies.

The 2 year run of Detective Comics by various talents prior to Knightfall is actually spiffy and is a good source of what may seemingly be disposable reading entertainment. I visit those comics the most.

Andvok said...

'mon, you fools.

Write something. UPDATE.