Thursday, March 24, 2005

I'll have some words vomited on a page please Carol.

I had time to vomit words on to a page, this was the result. It was this or fill out a police witness form, and I am putting that off.

For those who give a shit, the 6th quarterly Comic Connections newsletter came out today, don't all rush at once.

Got to thinking about just how many non-mainstream comics I am reading (I define non-mainstream as non-Marvel / DC or Cape related adventure, if you disagree, then thats fine, obviously this makes Kabuki mainstream so there are some inconsistencies but there you go, thats life, get over it. Move along.). Oni, AiT / PlanetLAR and Image Central (not Top Cow) are putting out some fucking great titles, and best of all, they keep (most) of them in print.

AiT / PlanetLAR: Anything by Brian Wood, this includes Demo #1-12, the fantastic Channel Zero, Tourist (coming soon) and a few others that I have yet to read and thus refuse to recomend. Ellis' Switchblade honey is good for a giggle, as is Larry Youngs Planet of the Capes. yet to read Astronauts in Trouble but I do own it.

Oni Press: Love Fights (thanks for the recomendation Sam), Complete Soulwind (thanks for the rec Sam), love as a foreign language (thanks for rec Sam), Whiteout (thanks rec Sam), Barry Ween (thanks Sam) and nearly everything else they publish (sam). Not got around to Queen and Country though, and I know I should.

Image Central = Robert Kirkman. "Brit" especially, 3 self contained one-shots, cheap too. Nice to see Negative Burn in print. All the Noir Bendis collection which i still consider his very best work - except killing Hawkeye.

IDW: Nice assortment, I don't really do horror comics, read 30 Days of Night because I kind of had too. But the choice is excellent and its another genre in comics, so yay IDW. Getting some nice licenses too, could be making Dark Horse sweat a bit, especially after their Episode 3 faux pas (books sent out one month early, spoiler alert!).

Avatar: A loooooooot of shit. too many variants. Pervy tittie books. But some great Ellis and Moore. The Courtyard, Scars and Strange Kiss.

Running low on time, this was supposed to be quick...

Wildstorm: Ex Machina. Random Ellis books.

Vertigo: Check out the tpb section anyuwhere, just read Mystery Play = good. Need to number the Hellblazer tpbs sequentially though DC!!!!

Manga: Battle Royale seems good so far, will keep you posted.

Others: Strangers in paradise. Generic Comic Book. Dogwitch. Gah, read too much, head melting.

The Pulse???: It just does'nt sell as well as it should so I threw it in here.

Any comic retailer can get you in any of these titles. Every month Diamond sends out a list of the complete Star System most of which is in stock at Warrington (Diamonds UK warehouse). If your retailer won't, he is a dick. Leave a comment if you have any retailer problems, please.

Any to wrap up, I finish with this.

Brian Wood: Seriously, he is the finest comic writer who won't "make" it, because he is already there. He achieved brief notoriety and immortality by becoming part of the then disasterous X-line writing the stories that Mr. Ellis plotted during the questionable "Counter X" period. Y'know, when X-Man stopped wearing shoes. No fault to Ellis or Wood, those characters were damaged beyond repauir and all Counter X did was alienate the "hardcore" (read; stupid) X-fans. Mr. Wood has since left Marvel to work on books that really matter and say something new in the realm of comics.
I would like to say he will be a big name in comics like I predicted with Azzarello, Bendis and Rucka years ago but I don't think he will.
He has too much integrity.

(all typos intentional, honest)

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