Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Starting Out



The idea is this.

Sam lives in London. He's been there for about 6 months now, and one of the things that he does is read comics. He used to live in Oxford, and shopped regularly at Comic Connections in Banbury.

Sid lives in Banbury. He's been there... for a while. And one of the things that he does is read comics. He works in a shop in Banbury called Comic Connections, and for the last 5 or 6 years, has had a customer called Sam.

Sam and Sid have been having an irregular but fairly continous conversation about comics for a while now. It's changed in nature quite a lot over the years, but now they seem to have settled into this fairly consistent argument.

It is occasionally interesting.

Because they're both interested in writing about what they're thinking about, the short e-mails have turned into huge fucking essays, batted back and forth several times a day, on a variety of issues including recent announcements in the industry, concerns for retailers and customers, reading lists and recommendations and also sometimes, at odd moments, just the flicker of intelligent debate.

This is the plan:

The relevant portions of their recent e-mails will be stuck up here, pretty much verbatim. As time goes on, the conversation will continue, in this public forum. Pretty pictures may be appended. Other people will be encouraged to comment. Agreement will be reached. Satisfaction will be attained. Fame, fortune, and a cessation of self-loathing will probably elude all concerned, but we can dream.

I'm Sam. You can also find me on the web at http://www.livejournal.com/users/sam_pay

I'm going to try and make this work.

Post below if you've got something to say.

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