Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Teen Boat

The Angst of Being a Teen, The Thrill of Being a Boat...

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you TeenBoat.


Actually, to be fair, the above people bring you TeenBoat, and then Comiccon point it out to me, and then I present it to you, but either way, there it is.

Glory be, there is even a theme tune too. More comic creators should do that, I would love to hear a pissed up Warren Ellis singing about Desolation Jones and Hitlers porn.


Pete said...

Thats very cool indeed, its makes me wonder what vehicle I would want to turn into.

Sid said...

duh! Knight Rider.

Pete said...

Sometimes I don't deserve to have grown up in the eighties, how could I of even questioned the best vehicle to transform into.