Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Crazy Comic Covers #1

Sometimes, these articles write themselves.

The subject matter for this issue is a good old Christian boy, who after watching the Americans oust the Nazi's, decided he wanted a life of adventure and joined his army. After being crippled in battle, god cures him (!!!), so he dedicates the rest of his life smuggling bibles into Rumania, with an assist from God who hides the bibles from the eyes of the guards on the border of the Iron curtain (these arn't the books you're looking for, move along!).
And then he moves to Hong Kong, gets married and then I got bored of reading it as my brain started to crawl away from my body and I caught it half way down the stairs pleading for freedom.

1 comment:

Matt Boyce! said...

sorry i made you put this up
its a shame god didnt make him smuggle
the bibles like drug mules smuggle cocaine!

now i would read that!