Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The Stuff I Buy Week 4

AUG050028 GOON 25 CENT COMIC $0.25 - It's 25 cents for Christs sake, and has got so many good write-ups. Worth checking out for sure.

AUG050196 ACTION COMICS #832 $2.50 - More of the same from Supes.

JUL050284 EX MACHINA #15 (MR) $2.99 - Awesome series, I find the art a little flat and soulless sometimes, no doubt because of all the photo ref-ing, but its still a killer series.

AUG050284 FABLES #42 (MR) $2.75 - Awesome book, love it to pieces, I think when this book wraps-up, it will really start garnishing attention.

AUG050205 INFINITE CRISIS #1 (OF 7) $3.99 - OOOOOHHHH! Cannot wait, it has been hyped to death but its still gonna be a whole lot of fun. DC havn't dissapointed with this 2 year and building crossover yet.

AUG050217 JLA #120 $2.50 - Could go either way, JLA has been up and down faster than Gwen riding Norman Osborn the last few years.

AUG050193 NIGHTWING #113 $2.50 - For the most part good, waiting to see where this current arc goes. Can't belive we are 113 issues in already.

AUG050236 VILLAINS UNITED #6 (OF 6) $2.50 - Surely this should have shipped before Infinite Crisis? If DC drop the ball with a 6 issue how are they going to cope with a 52 issue weekly? Either way though, I will be there.

AUG050291 Y THE LAST MAN #38 (MR) $2.99 - Awesome series, and one which is ultimately destined to end with a bang rather than fade away.

JUL051936 ESSENTIAL SPIDER-MAN VOL 7 TP $16.99 - Its Oldskool Spider-man, what's not to like.

AUG051944 EXILES #71 $2.99 - Thats 22 consecutive issues unread.

AUG051884 FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN #1 $2.99 - Not a bad way for a series to start, the 'Ringo artwork helps. Not to keen on Tracer as a villain though, seems a bit '90's. I hope the Other will be as good as JMS' Spidey.

AUG051900 GHOST RIDER #2 (OF 6) $2.99 - Eh, it's okay.

JUL051844 HOUSE OF M #7 (OF 8) $2.99 - C'mon, wrap it up. I want to know where this is going.
JAN058166 HOUSE OF M LARROCA VARIANT COVER #7 (OF 8) (PP #684) $2.99

AUG051937 MEGA MORPHS #4 (OF 4) $2.99 - Waiting for the digest 'cause it will be so much cheaper.

AUG051892 ULTIMATE X-MEN #64 $2.50 - This series feels like its going through the motions until the Steve Dillon relaunch. Still no Bryan Singer.

AUG051898 WOLVERINE #34 $2.50 - Crappola compared to the Millar run. Issue #32 was great.

AUG052580 TOYFARE TOP 100 GEEK MOMENTS CVR #100 $4.99 - 100 issues? Making me feel old!

AUG053241 STREET FIGHTER II #0 PI - I will check it out, wasn't too impressed with volume one by the end of it.

JUL058060 DISTURBED TEN THOUSAND FISTS SPECIAL ED CD PI - Yeah, I will get it, but not from a comic shop. most likely.


Pete said...

The weakest of the three core Superman books but by no means terrible.

INFINITE CRISIS #1 (both covers)
YES!!!! I am so hyped about reading this, bring on the crisis!

JLA #120
Looking forward to reading this, it will be cool to have a team made up on second stringers for a while. Its going to be a bit like JLU but in the core DCU.

Still not a fantastic book but its getting better, it will no doubt be the last book I read this month.

I've enjoyed this book but it has seemed a little streched, could of probably been 4 issues rather than 6.

This series seems to have dragged on and on. Once its done I won't get any other the aftermath books such as Son of M.

Awesome! I really enjoyed the last SF series so I look forward to it kicking off again in the SF2 era.

Anonymous said...

So we going to hear your two cents about the Infinite Crisis and House of M (once its done)?

Sid said...

Ha, what do you think?

Anonymous said...

Well here goes…

House of M is perhaps one of the biggest let downs I’ve ever read (but this is only 3 years of comic reading speaking here), this thing is so slow, Bendis could have easily fitted it in 6 or even 4 issues, but then I guess they wouldn't be able to sell as many tie ins would they. The whole mutant thing they've been moving to wasn't much of a surprise either; it’s something that’s been recognisably wrong for a while. The whole Hawkeye thing managed to get sand in my vagina too, so the guy dies and then comes back, but he dies again essentially because he isn’t any good at tetris.

Infinite Crisis is to me the better of the two, the whole things happening in the real universe so any changes are going to be around afterwards, you’d think by now Marvel would push the boat out and do a big crossover that isn’t in a ‘different universe’. I love what DC has been doing, luckily the whole thing built as I’ve been reading comics so I haven’t missed out on much, might have to go back and read the original crisis though. I only followed OMAC and Villains United, out of the four, for the past 6 months and it still hasn’t interfered with my enjoyment of the story. The small beef I’ve got with DC is why they haven’t released a list of all the issues that were involved in the story, I mean come on marvel did it on a door hang for gods sake.

But my major beef with DC is what they're doing to my characters, I came into comics reading Hush and I fell for those characters. Yet now the im-an-asshole-Batman I love is going to go through the crisis and change. I know that loads of other fans want him to be a little lighter but this is the Batman I’ve been following and I want him to be just as cynical when the crisis is over, I just hope it’s handled well. But I’m all for the fixing of Superman, that line from Batman in Infinite Crisis sure put a smile on my face. The X-Men change is deserved though, the mutant thing needs to be put back into its box, just hope my favourites make the cut.

So I guess I hate the way House of M has been told, but I love what they’ve done to the X-Men situation. Yet I love the way the new crisis has been handled, I’m just pensive about what the characters will be like when they come out on the other side, but I guess that’s just how they want me.

…and there's my two cents.
So what are your feels about them?