Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I Might Stick with Runaways a Bit Longer.

Might. Might?

Joss Whedon??? - Thank you very much Marvel.

Should be a new number 1 really, but as long as it doesn't take six months between issues as happened with Fray and Astonishing X-Men I will be a happy man, we all know Whedon can work to a tight schedule after his work on Roseanne, Buffy and Angel, so let's hope this monthly series remains a monthly series.

I'd better reorder the digests so all the Serenity crowd can get up to date.

Art by Michael Ryan, presumably not the UK-based mass murderer.


Ryan said...

No, not the murderer, but the New X-Men guy, I really didn't like his style on that. I just hope this is a bit better
Weadon is good news, as long as he can keep a monthlie up, what with his Wonder Woman commitment, I mean his First Run of Astonishing X-Men had 4 moths of delays and what was he working on at the time, a film and a TV show? Just as long as it stays monthlie I'll be happy.

And with a big creative team we get a spin off book too? As long as the Runaways books don't turn all 90's X-Men it's a nice step.

I trust marvel not to kill the goose

Sid said...

I dunno, they have been comparing Runaways to X-Men lately, the whole "franchise that got canned then bought back, then went huge" comparison.
Only problem is Runaways is finite, as soon as these characters come of age, how are they Runaways? Lets hope Marvel use some creative license in keeping these characters this age for quite some time, but that's always a drawback of a shared universe.

Ryan said...

I just got to thinking what happens when Weadon leaves? I mean in theory it should be fantastic, but where do we go from that? Hopefully we get another writter that just seems to fit it perfectly.
But as people who were going to drop it after BKV left, they said Weadon was possibly the only guy to keep them buying. Where will marvel go for the next writer?

Sid said...

Don't worry about that. A lot of people have got caught up in the "what happens when X takes over the book" debate over the last few years. Even if Brubakers run on DD had been shit, it wouldn't have taken away the greatness inherant in Bendis' run.
Sometimes you have to live in the here and now.
Plus you never know, Vaughan might want to go back by then.

Ryan said...

Yeah, I'm just thinking that in a time when a lot of people will be dropping astonishing as soon as this creative team are done.

I just hope the same kind of effect isn't found on runaways, and thinking about it, as it stands there is nothing to stop BKV coming back.

Ahh well, lets see how the next few digests do and how fast we get them, I still won't buy it monthlie, I have to save money somewhere, plus I love the format.

Still awaiting vol 6 thinking about it, it must be out soon.