Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Some Comics Suck...and thats okay

Been an interesting few years for comic books, I have found so much good stuff which has changed my perception of the entire industry, which people are finally starting to realise is multi-faceted. And within this multi-faceted industry, I like nothing more than finding a really good comic book that I personally don't enjoy.


Case in point: Ghost World.
Fantastic Comic really, great dialogue, clear detailed artwork with easy panel breaks leading the reader down the writers path. But does nothing for me.
Now I see this book is relevant, it fills a gap in the market and as I can see through sales at my store, it has a viable audience. Just personally, it does nothing for me. I tried reading it and although I enjoyed the craftsmanship, I didn't care about the two protagonists enough to keep reading, unless they go the whole hog with the latent lesbianism thing later in the book.
Maybe I have no soul.

The movie itself kicked ass though, for me, it worked better that way. Sorry. I know what I like to read, I know what I like to watch and I gave both versions of Ghost World a try.

But where is it written that we must enjoy everything? I have no problem with the book (Ghost World), I see its place in the market and respect it as an indie comic (although how this is indie and something like DC's Monolith is considered mainstream is beyond me, more on that another time), but I don't enjoy it. Does everyone enjoy Othello? No. Does everyone enjoy Planetary? No. Does that make them any less important as works of fiction? Of course not.

There is nothing more important to the longterm survival of the comic book industry than diversity, if the comic book was sustained by five or six equally recongnised and succesful genres than they could help support the industry when one genre goes out of favour with the public. Everything is cyclic, comics would do well to remember this before the latest superhero-trend takes a downward trend. After all, Bendis and Millar can only relaunch so many monthlies.


Pete said...

Good points there Sid and I see it in everything I am passionate about, comics, wrestling and music.

There is nothing worse than going on a forum and see someone take a dislike to something and try to stop other people getting enjoyment out of it. It is all about personal tastes and whether something interests you. I'm buying Seven Soldiers as I think it looks interesting (as most Morrison stuff does to start with) and I know your not that bothered about it, not once however have you tried to put me off buying it.

Its all about respect for other peoples interest and what they are looking for. Its fair not not enjoy something, we all have things we don't like but that doesn't mean they are in any way bad, just not what you as an individual are looking for.

Sid said...

Amen brother, the way I see it, there is so much choice and diversity out there, there really should be something for everyone, be it in the field of movies novels or porn.
People always find it easier to hate than enjoy.
Collectively, lets big up the things we do like rather than putting down the things we dislike.

Pete said...

Damn straight, people are way to negative about things these days. Speaking of porn, maybe they need to see Katy and that will mellow them out a bit.

Sam said...

It actually takes quite a lot of energy to be really truly down on something. To get angry and jump up and down on a book or film or whatever? That's tiring man... Smile and thumbs up, whether you enjoyed it or otherwise; that's the way to go...

Sid said...

Fuck me, when did we all get so calm, collected and objectional?