Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I just don't Carey.

Wow, just wow! What a comic. I am talking about last week's All-star Superman, utterly fantastic.
I am slowly crawling through last weeks comics after spending the weekend at a party, wherin I got to talk to Liam Sharp about when he met Stan Lee and other geeky things like that. Lot's of fun and I found out lot's of juicy thing's about the industry and people working in it that I can't repeat here because, well, I'm not Rich Johnston. But I am falling dangerously behind on my comics, which hasn't been helped by the fact after reading ASS (hah! ass.) #5 I feel like leaving it a few hours because whatever I read next will invariably feel shit.

And it did.

Luckily it was probably always going to feel poo because it's written by Mike Carey.
I am talking about ult. F4 #33 (? I think?)
I know that may be generalising a little, but I am strugling to think of a Mike Carey project I have enjoyed.
Hellblazer = better than Azzarello, but still weak.
Ult. F4 / X-Men = I couldn't be arsed to finish reading.
Lucifer = didn't read.
Ult DD / Elektra = arse, where was greg Ruck? Damn exclusivity contracts.

Am I missing soemthing? Because Marvel are treating him like royalty using him to take over from Mark Millar on Ult. F4, after a truly excellent and very underated run on the title.

What title was the break-out work for Mike Carey? What title of his do I absolutely HAVE to read? Does anyone know? There has to be a reason for him to be so high up that he can join the elite of Bendis, Millar and Ellis on the Ultimate titles.

Does anyone have the answer?

Also, has anyone out there read Losers? As it's one of the few vertigo comic's I haven't read.


Ryan said...

As for the Losers I've read the first arc and its good, but it didn't pull me to read the rest yet. It's just like a little more serious version of the A team. I would lend you some singles, but I guess you'll check out a trade in the shop.

Was it just me or did last weeks 52 fall a bit flat? Lobo did nothing for me

Sid said...

Well i really enjoyed 52, it had Lex in it which is always good and I was talking about Bisley at the weekend so seeing Lobo again worked for me. I think the reason I like the character is because I never read the book during the periods where he was horrifically over-used, so the one trick pony still feels fresh to me. Like Punisher and the Hulk, he works better as a foil for other characters to work off of than on his own.

Ryan said...

I guess I've been used to it touching base on the big six, the focus was on the space story which is possibly my least favourite part of the series. I did like the Luther part though.

ASS was certainly the best of the week, well from my pull anyway.

I didn't think teen titans worked well this week either. It was missing what ever has been making it work for me recently. The last issue was fantastic, this was less so. But I can't put my finger on why.

Spencer Carnage said...

Carey's X-men is really good. And he was solid on his two issue fill in on Ult FF w/ Jae Lee. That's the only stuff I've read from him and both things have been really good.

Rich Johnston said...

I'm only an e-mail away... richjohnston@gmail.com

Sid said...

I knew if I mentioned Rich he would leave a comment. I swear dude, you must google your name every day.
Just read the CSI: Dying in the Gutters, it had me laughing in a way few comics have recently.

Anonymous said...

You should have read/should read Lucifer, it is fantastic. It gives Mike some good cred for a while.