Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tom Spockley...when?

This week, DC are running a Will Eisner sale. Anyone who knows a retailer who doesn't carry Eisner, this is your chance to tell them to. At the very least, check out A Contract with God, the first ever Graphic Novel.


The Bone video game is out this week, check out Vitriol Gamer's blog, the link is also in the sidebar.


Decembers offerings from DC have been posted on CBR. Nothing new to jump out and grab me, but considering the quality of their current monthly stuff this is a good thing, as people can only buy so many comics a month and its Christmas. However, I heard great things about this book and never got around to reading it as monthlies:

Written by Grant Morrison
Art and new cover by Philip Bond
From the fertile mind and nimble fingers of writer Grant Morrison and artist Philip Bond comes the latest in multiculturalist spectacle! Color, song and cosmic violence collide in VIMANARAMA, collecting the 3-issue Vertigo miniseries that fuses East and West together into a transcendental delight of romance and danger.
Feel the Earth tremble as 19-year-old grocer's son Ali and his beautiful arranged bride Sofia accidentally unleash an ancient race of unimaginable evil from beneath Bradford, England, then summon the equally powerful Prince Ben Rama and his Ultrahadeen to do battle against them. Shudder as Ben Rama reveals his love for Sofia, the reincarnation of his immortal soul mate, only to lose all his power at her hesitation. And thrill to the final battle between good and evil, played out over the ancient land of Atlantis together with the consummation of the ultimate end-of-the-world love story. All this and more awaits you in VIMANARAMA, the best of all worlds!


People are all talking about the sequal to Batman Begins: does anyone else think Joker should be played by Marilyn Manson. If he is serious about a future acting career then I think he would be perfect. I know people will say "he'll just play himself", but isn't that what Nicholson did?


Saw this advert for Sky + today, just another reminder why I no longer watch TV.
I mean, really. Is TV that important to people's live's that Sky+ could revolutionise it?


In the last week I have watched series 4 of 24 and started Series 5 of Angel. 24 had an Indredible Hulk ending and Angel got turned into a puppet for an episode. DVDs rule, its like TV but not toss.

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