Monday, March 06, 2006


DMZ, Exterminators, Testament and Loveless all have one thing in common, they are all new Vertigo number ones, each of which are getting attention from a variety of sources.
Indeed, when you look at the past history of the Vertigo line, Alan Moores Swamp Thing, Hellblazer, Ennis and Dillons Preacher, Neil Gaimans Sandman and the reprint of V for Vendetta, you look at one of the most prolific comic lines of all time with some Triple-A creators, and recent additions Fables and Y The Last Man certainly havn't come as a dissapointment to anyone, or harmed people like Brian K Vaughan's career or Eisner winning chances. Anyone hoping to launch a new series for Vertigo is facing some stiff competetion and scrutiny.

Get ready to add some new names to the Vertigo Hall of Fame, courtesy of American Virgin. A book which in my opinion - if it continues this strongly throughout - is deserving of an Eisner award.
Created by writer Steven T Seagle (Its a Bird) and indie-sensation Becky Cloonan (Demo), with covers by fan favourite Frank Quitely, the first issue of American Virgin - released this Wednesday coming - pulls no punches, with excellent characters and dialogue straight away, which really help set the scene and bring you into the world in a meagre 22 pages.
This book charts the life of Adam Chamberlain, 21 year old Virgin and spokes-person for Virginity Pledge Cards, trying to get young American's to save themselves by saving themselves. Riding dangerously close to stardom and with corrupt and corrupting family members at all sides, all Adam want's to do is keep himself pure until his girlfriend returns from Aid Working in Africa, upon whence they will be married. But Adam is about to learn that what we want and what we get really are two different things.

Look, I know a lot of people are going to be watiing for the trade on this and thats fine - especially with Vertigo titles, but if we don't support the single issues we might never get a trade release (Outlaw Nation anybody?). I implore you to check this series out, and maybe, just maybe Steven T Seagle will get the Eisner award he so-deserved for "It's a Bird".

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