Saturday, April 29, 2006

Spider-Man: The Other is a Big Piece of Shit - Officially.

Hah! I was right.

Wizard #176.

Are you happy with The Other?
Quesada: No, it didn't flow. Let's be honest. When you have that many creators in the room, things are gonna change.
Straczynski: Yeah, it was trial and error. Every so often, I would see huge divergences from what we had discussed. Had there been better communication during the writing process, I think it would have ebeen a much smoother experience.

Translated: It's crap.

Funny, DC don't have a problem with multiple creators on a series, but then again they don't use Reginald "Shit" Hudlin.
So The Other is a big piece of shit. But it might seem like heaven compared to whats to come, it looks like Marvel want to retcon Spider-man back to his roots. So end of marriage and back to working at the Bugle for the character then. 12 years of character growth down the toilet.
If you want to read "back-to-roots" Spider-man, that's what Ultimate Spider-man is for, or Spider-man Loves Mary-Jane, or Spider-man Adventures, or the plethora of graphic novels re-printing the classic stories, or the movies, or the cartoons. Its hardly like Classic Spider-man is an under-fed market.

I would rather take Spidey as he is now, the good and the bad, than have the character regress as if everything else didn't matter. Maybe they are right, maybe Spider-girl if the only pure Spider-man title left. Enjoy the last few issues while you can.

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Anonymous said...

So I read a few issues of that Spidergirl digest, it's a good book and I’ll be picking up some more digest volumes next saturday hopefully.

The only thing that feels a bit strange is the exposition explanations that always refers to the reader in the second person singular - (see my English language lessons taught me something) but then I guess that's due to it being largly written to draw female readers. I mean at no point have I been thinking
"Jimmy Yama was planning to ask you out?

Have never read a spidey book in singles, no real intention to start either, seems no ones ever really happy with the way its going. What I will do is continue to read Ultimate spidey in oversized hardcover - The best format for Ultimate issue collections as far as I'm concerned.