Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Stuff I Buy

Every week for the next month I am going to post a full list of comics and stuff I buy.

Okay, bear in mind I work in a comic store, so its very hard not to get caught up and buy tons of stuff. I read roughly 70 comics a month, not including GN's. I consider it to be part of my job. Not just the big two, but everything which sounds good. (Ait/Planetlar, Oni, Top Shelf - whoever).

Yes, I know I buy obscene amounts, but I am in a position to buy at wholesale, and then swap back to the store if I don't like a series, so its a bit non-risk for me. All the following I buy for my personal collection, if I dump a series, I tend to get rid of all the issues I havn't enjoyed. Like Robin 101-120, which were for the most part, fucking shit.

JUL050194 BATGIRL #68 $2.50 - Not read for 6 issues, could be up for the chop.

JUL050192 BATMAN GOTHAM KNIGHTS #69 $2.50 - not read for 5 issues. Not that I don't like it, just havn't found the time.

JUL050220 BIRDS OF PREY #86 $2.50 - not read for nine issues, I do want to catch up though.

JUL050221 DAY OF VENGEANCE #6 (OF 6) $2.50 - great series, out of the four Countdown miniseries, this is the one I wasn't looking forward to, yet it is my second favourite behind OMAC Project.

JUL050227 GREEN LANTERN CORPS RECHARGE #1 (OF 6) $3.50 - Still not sure on this, I have not been a fan of Rann / Than war, but I do love Kyle Rayner (someone has too, he used to listen to NIN and Greenday years ago damnit)

JUL050299 HELLBLAZER #212 (MR) $2.75 - not read for ages, but when my girlfriend buys the tpbs I read them. Something about Hellblazer works better in chunks. Too far gone on the series to cancel though.

JUN050351 IDENTITY CRISIS HC DIRECT MARKET VERSION $24.99 - Because I am a sucker for a pretty package, and this way I can lend it out to my peeps, as I refuse to lend out single issues as they always come back damaged.

JUL050239 JSA CLASSIFIED #3 $2.50 - Still not sure about this, its well written but for some reason I keep expecting Power Girl to blow Supes (I think I have read Pro to often, especially with the plane crash scene in issue 2). Might as well wrap us this story.

JUL050196 ROBIN #142 $2.50 - Bill Willingham is great, Scott McDaniel is great, Tim Drake is great.

JUL050209 SUPERGIRL #2 $2.99 - I was nicely surpised by the first issue. I do try and avoid the Turner covers where possible though. See how it goes, it ties into the Superman family so I will keep it going.

JUL051654 GIRLS #5 (MR) $2.99 - The Luna Bros. kick ass, I hope they manage to keep their integrity as creators when they work for Marvel. This series hasn't been as good as Ultra though - to be honest.

JUL051870 BLACK PANTHER #8 $2.99 - Its hyped as being a big deal tie-in to X-Men so I thought I would check it out. If it sucks it sucks. The first four issues diodn't grab me and I canned the series, not because it sucked, but because I get SOOOO much stuff, I am very picky when it comes to picking new series.

JUN051979 CAPTAIN AMERICA #10 $2.99 - This series has been really good, but I am sick of House of M tie-ins.

JUL051874 DAREDEVIL FATHER #3 (OF 5) $2.99 - I hate the art, I think it is a joke. Methinks Joe Q has been reading DKR an awful lot. I am not a particularly big fan of the story so far, the idea that MM used to get beaten by his Dad sucks, I always liked the fact that his Dad did the best he could and told him to study and not be a worhtless bum like he was.

JUL051854 EXILES #70 $2.99 - not read it since issue 49. When the hell am I going to ctach up?

JUN052008 NEW AVENGERS #10 $2.50 - Lovely series, and one of the few books I get where I think the variants are a nice idea, showing the covers as old-school Sentry comics.

JUL051898 RUNAWAYS #8 $2.99 - Waiting until I have a good chunk of this run before I read it like I did with series 1, it reads so much better that way.

JUL051939 SPIDER-MAN THE OTHER POSTER $5.99 - Looked a bit classy, I don't usually bother with posters.

JUL051909 SUPREME POWER HYPERION #1 (OF 5) (MR) $2.99 - JMS writes, I buy.

JUL051855 ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR #23 $2.50 - This has been surpisingly good.

JUN051987 ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL #1 $3.99 - No idea, could go either way, but the other Annuals have all been good.

JUL051858 ULTIMATES 2 #8 $2.99 - I love this series, it is evrything I look for in a comic.

JUL051873 WOLVERINE #32 $2.50 - Fantastic issue, the best in Millars run by far, and deicated to Eisner too.

MAY052439 LENORE #12 $2.95 - No longer ships to the UK, which is a real bummer, to be fair, its not been great since issue 8 (which was what? 3 Years ago), but I still check it out.

JUL053572 MALLRATS TP $14.95 - Eeh, might be worth a read, not really sure what it is mind you.

JUN053551 TRANSFORMERS BINALTECH & TF COLL COMP GD $55.99 - Because I am a bigger TF fan than comic fan. I wouldnt have gotten into comics without the Transformers Marvel UK series. And Binaltech toys are sooooooooooooo sweet.


Pete said...

Here are the books I will be picking up this week:

Like you this is my second favourite out off all the Infinite Crisis preludes, I can't believe its already the last issue!

I'm looking forward to this for no other reason than Guy Gardner being a full time lantern again, should be good.

I hate to say it but I will be buying the Turner cover of this as it has an image of Superman on it that wasn't anywhere else

I'm really enjoying this and hope it means Powergirl has a more prominent role than she has in recent years. I can however see her being killed off in IC.

This is the Seven Soldiers title I've been looking forward to the most, Pascal ferry art can't be a bad thing either!

Pleasantly surprised by issue 1 so I look forward to reading issue 2.

I always enjoy the secret files, this was one I forgot was coming out.

One of the two ongoing Marvel books my my pull list and its a book I really enjoy each month, especially now The Sentry is centre stage.

Sid said...

I remember reading Pascal Ferry has signed an exclusive contract, I think it was Marvel but i might be wrong.

Pete said...

Yeah, Ferry has signed to Marvel with Mister Miracle being his last work for DC.