Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Read More Runaways

I can't remember what I was looking at this morning, but something triggered Runaways into my head, and it made me want to shout about it.

Read Runaways.

Forget monthly orders, or the HC, the way to do it is in the digest format. 6 issues for £6. I collect the singles, but I never read them as I get them, I always wait until I have at least 6 issues, because they read so much better this way. It's set in the Marvel Universe without tying in to anything else, so if you want to avoid big-expansive crossovers, this is the book for you, as Runaways is very much its own thing.

Featuring a cast of characters who have fled from home upon finding out their parents are super-villains; this great series reads like a John Landis coming-of-age flick, and one of the characters has a pet dinosaur.


Anonymous said...

Have read the past four volumes and I love the characters, though with all things considered it really did feel as though BKV lost his way with issues 7-12, I hated that whole vampire arc. In an honest opinion I feel that runaways told a brilliant story through its initial series and that perhaps it should have been left at that.
I'm reading the new digest volumes and as soon as I get my hands on a little more cash the 5th one will be mine, but as good as they are they don’t read as well to me as the initial story. Still enjoying and buying it though so I guess that says something.

Buy Runaways, not as good as it was but good all the same.

Sid said...

I love the feel and pacing of the book, and I love the inclusion of characters like turbo from NW and Richochet from Swingers in the current series.
Basically, I like my crap, obscure Marvel characters, which is probably why I read Marvel Team Up, another under-rated book.

Matt Boyce! said...

did someone say crap marvel charecters
this is on my to read next list ( a big list) the only thing that could make this better is an apperance from night thrasher or the power pack though at the rate of superteams power pack are teaming up with (xmen and avengers )I wouldnt be surprised if runaways/powerpack team up is on the cards!

Runaways / Spidergirl team up in the M2 universe you know what i'm talking about!!!

niftylite said...

the words "pet" and "dinosaur" sold it to me O__O

Anonymous said...

Cruel poetic justice, I give one slight comment about Runaways not being as good as it was and you know what happens?

I go and lose my volume 3, the best volume in my opinion so far. Looked everywhere, and you know what the worse bit is, I'll buy a second copy and I bet as soon as I do it'll turn up again, it's sod's law.

Ahh well atleast I have volume 5 to read in the mean time, it better have been worth all this turmoil in my life :D