Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bristol Comic Expo - MAM TOR

Like last time, most of my time at the Comic Expo was spent hanging out with the fine folks at Mamtor. If you don't have at least one Mam tor book in your collection I am shocked, because as well as the excellent Event Horizon anthology series (the Award winning series none the less) Matt Boyces Humiliation series is part of the group.

The ethos of Mam tor and Event Horizon is a noble one: "We're dedicated to producing creator driven works that might not ordinarily find a home on the bookshelf - their being too niche, radical or unquantifiable - despite the evident quality and commitment they display. Mam Tor™ has not been created as a commercial venture, but as a forum for subcultural, underground, science fiction, horror or fantasy artists. There are no fees for the work produced, nor are there the usual editorial restrictions."
Not to mention the even more noble goal of "Have fun". And that's why I like these people, they are creative, indipendant thinkers who arn't afriad to think outside the box (or in the case of Ali Pow3rs, don't realise there is a box) and have a good time. Most of Friday night was spent in the bar watching the Mam tor crew get hideously drunk, and Saturday night, and I imagine this trend continued throughout Sunday after I left too.
And yet in the day they still had time to sit at a table and sketch for fans [completely free sketches I might add]. Examples of all their work can be found at www.mamtor.com, i recomend you check them all out.

I didn't meet Geoff Johns, I missed all the important panels and juicy news and I was elsewhere during the ill-fated Fastball special attempt. But what I did do was have a really fun time with some increibly talented people, many of whoms work not only caught my eye, but also the eye of DC's Vertigo imprint.
Good luck guys... ...and MAM TOR!!!!!!!!!!!

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