Saturday, May 06, 2006

The importance of FCBD.

A Profile of IDW's FCBD offering. Red bits are by me.

NAME: IDW Publishing
FCBD BOOK: The Transformers / Beast Wars Special – FCBD 2006 Edition
What's Included in your FCBD 2006 comic?

By Simon Furman, EJ Su, & Don Figueroa. This special Free Comic Book Day issue celebrates the return of the Transformers! Fans can get a look at the Transformers revival, "Infiltration," courtesy of writer Simon Furman and artist E.J. Su. Then, on the flip-side, experience Transformers: Beast Wars—"The Gathering," also written by Furman and featuring the art of Don Figueroa. This special flip-book also includes sneak peeks at the upcoming The Transformers: Stormbringer and Transformers Evolutions: Hearts of Steel.

Why is it important for you to participate in FCBD?

This year it is important for IDW to provide potential readers a look at what we are offering with our Transformers titles – including our current running titles and our up and coming titles such as Transformers Evolutions: Hearts of Steel and The Transformers Stormbringer.

Why do you think FCBD is beneficial to the industry?

There are a lot of different titles out there competing for the comic book readers’ hard-earned cash. With publishers offering samples of their titles in the form of free comic books it gives readers an opportunity to perhaps try something different that they normally would not.

So, Why didn't you bother to ship the book, knowing how important it was and how many fans would come out for it, seeing as you've been advertising it since like, February and this was one book with mass-market appeal outsiode of the comic-book field, y'know, hitting the disposable income bracket age group?
Especially since we went to the trouble of getting Transformers scribe Simon Furman signing in our store on the day.
I mean, Jesus, this was essentially just a reprint book anyone, featuring nothing that wasn't going to be available anywhere else, so it wasn't going to be too much hard work was it?

Well, c'mon IDW, we are waiting for an answer.

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