Thursday, June 15, 2006

The end of Civil War #2


I mean, I kind of saw it coming, but not really.



Anonymous said...

Loved Civil War #2, finally Marvel are making some changes in the 616. I hate it when they place their events in other universes.
But that's not why I came here to comment. This is

What the hell is going on with 52?!
So this is a weekly comic told in week by week real time of the events happening in the dc universe right?
So why in gods name were there only 2 days in this week? What after all these big things happened nothing occurred in the following Wednesday to Sunday?

And I've I'm calling out my prediction that the great one is going to be 'Egg Foo'.

Fables #50 was fantastic, I'm so glad I remembered to see if you had a spare copy of that, best issue of the week for me.

Hmm anything else to add? Nah I think that's about it.

Sid said...

I will get back to you on this, I actually found the monday, tuesday etc... thing to be a little contrived and constraining so I will not miss it, it's still the snapshot of important events from that week. Its not like we ever see ever single waking moment of every character from birth to death so I can live with it.
As long as the story is served well, I am happy.

52 was interesting, but my intial thought on the final page was "how are they going to undo this in a few years" not "wow, this is groundbreaking stuff". We will see.

Maybe SHIELD will decide that registered superheroes can't be married as a security risk and the marriage will be anulled. That would please Joe Q and its better than a divorce or killing.

Can't wait to get to my comics tonight, I have DMZ, Fables and American Virgin all in one week, go Vertigo.
And I didn't even have to buy any Transformers comics this week. Result.

Anonymous said...

As for the undoing the Civil war thing, doesn't Loki owe him a favour still? Can't they just use that to undo the twist, especially seeing as Thor's coming back the rest of the Gods will soon arrive?

The 52 day’s I feel is a bit forced anyway, but it just bugs me that this is supposed to be week by week, day by day. But after everything that happened in the first few days, the idea that nothing of real significance happened in the others is a bit absurd.

Something at least is going to happen to Peter Parker's marriage. The way I see it, if Joe Q is going to keep all that he has said in interviews the only thing that can really happen is...
Actually I'll save it for later, far too many spoilers if I explain what I think could happen

Along with American Virgin Vertigo was fantastic this week, best state the line has been in when I've been reading comics.
Now if only I bought more in monthlies, but then they look so nice in trade. Fables even has additional prose stories. Guess I'll figure something out anyway, even if it means I end up buying both.

Sid said...

The way I do Vertigo is easy, I get the singles and I force my girlfriend to buy the trades - that way I have access to the stories without having to dig through reams of material.

Of course, I could just borrow them from the shop.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for not spoilering Civil War, but not having She-Hulk or the Dan Slot Marvel Western in stock makes me angry.

Very angry.

Sid said...

This is what happens when you don't pre-order. some of the most progressive shops I know don't have more than 1 of any comic for the shelf. If people miss it, they miss it, it forces people to pre-order see? You should be glad we stock as much as we do, its more than most shops.

And if it makes you feel better I missed the She-Hulk too, because I didn't preorder it I let a customer who did take it, unlike most comic shop retailers I put the customers first.

As for Dan Slott's Marvel western, if 1 person had ordered it - or even asked - I would have matched his order with one for the shelf. Liek I say: pre-ordering rules.

Anonymous said...

Well, I take your point,but my v. small amount of purchases doesn't really constitute pre-orders. This is what I plan to buy next month:

She-Hulk #9+10 - Never had problems prior to the Civil War tie-in, hopefully I will have none after.

Civil War: Front Line #2+3 - You are pretty well stocked on this series, so little need.

DAILY BUGLE: CIVIL WAR SPECIAL EDITION - Cheap, so you will probably have it. If you don't, no big deal.

CIVIL WAR #3 - Well duh.

So, since I have confidence in your shop, I have little need to pre-order as I don't buy any wacky/independent books that would need this kind of service.

BTW, I'm not too worried about the two comics I complained about, as they will be probably be picked up in trade at some point.

Nice to talk to ya!

Sid said...

I can try and order the Western stuff for you, let me know if you do. I'm sure it's still available.
I've very surprised that Marvel haven't gone back to press on She-Hulk and some of the other recent sell-outs (other than Civil War #2). It seems they are over-printing and boycotting reprints because, well, DC are doing the opposite. Gotta love the industry.

Anonymous said...

Well, I was only interested in the first one as it had Slott writing. I would buy it if it was on the shelves (I'll come back next the Saturday alter CW#3 comes out), but I'm not that desperate to read it. Thanks for the offer, though. :)

The lack of a reprint is a bit strange. Hopefully something comes through in the next week or so, be it Second Print of Digital Comic. :)

Anonymous said...

By "of" I mean "or". :)