Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Internet Bastards

Well annoyed.

I wrote a massive blog yesterday, and when i went to upload it blogger wasn't working, so I left it. Turns out we had a power cut in the night and I hadn't saved it, and timesave didn't work either, so I lost everything. Damnit. So, to summarise:

FCBD = Great

Batman Thrillkiller: Shit
A History of Violence = Great
Scarlet Traces = Great

Casino = Average
Mean Shit = Shit
Final Fantasy Advent Children = Average
Spirited Away = Great

Video games
Gradius V: Great
Guitar Hero: Great

And Comic Showcase in London is closing.


Anonymous said...

What did you think of Civil War #1?

Anonymous said...

advent children rocked!

Anonymous said...

I hate it when computers mess up.
So are we going to get an article about 52 soon, your opinion on the first issue? Can't wait to read it.

Andvok said...

Advent Children was average, but in my opinion was good, but then, should a film be classed as good just because it wasn't a complete abortion, tainting all that came before it?

You should have saved your shit, I push ctrl-s every couple of paragraphs. I have no sympathy for you.

Anonymous said...

And where's your blog about e3 andi? Better get updating

niftylite said...

comic showcase is closing? but - no!! that's my only landmark to get to forbidden pla... oops swear word ^_^

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